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   Hamilton Telephone
 Answering Service, Inc.
 P.O. Box 300
 Hamilton, Ohio 45012

 800-284-1099 (toll free)
 [email protected]

Company Overview

The Hamilton Telephone Answering Service (HTAS) was established in 1948. Mrs. Katrena Engel, is the onsite manager for daily operations, she has been employed with HTAS since 1972. She has held the current postion of Operations Manger since 1992. HTAS is recognized by the ATSI Association of Telemessaging Services International, Inc. and is a member of Better Business Bureau.

Customer Accounts

  • All calls are answered live.
  • Currently we answer for approximately 600 clients.
  • Our clients include local, national, and international telephone messaging accounts.
  • Approximately one-third of our accounts are in the medical field.
  • We average 3,000 calls per day.
  • Telephone Service Representatives have maintained a one percent average on over-rings for the last two and half years.
  • We can easily handle any expected increase in call volume.

Our Employees

  • 26 employees at the present time
  • Half our employees have been with us for over 15 years
  • 16 full time employees and 10 part-time employees.
  • All telephone service representatives go through an extensive three month training before ever going on board alone.
  • To maintain quality assurance, we monitor each Telephone Service Representative with voice tone, manners, pace of call, verification of information, account knowledge, Image Projected, proper greeting, proper closing phrases, over-rings, call volume, and adherence to instructions.
  • We do not use any temporary staff.

Our Equipment

  • Axon 8000
  • Back-up generators for electrical supply.
  • Back-ups are run daily and stored in a fire resistant vault.

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